About Us


Ever since Douglas Neel was 13 years old, he knew he was called to serve on the mission field. Douglas and Becky started their journeys 49 years ago when they married and had 3 kids. They served at boys' homes, Douglas pastored a church, and  they worked with the Wesley foundation.  Douglas then went on to work as a soil and water conservationist for the next 30 years while Becky worked as a health and fitness instructor. 


At the age of 54 their life changed completely when Douglas decided to leave the Soil and Water conservation service to bring forth into reality the vision of God. What happened next was beyond inspiring. They moved into a small meager house to become one with the people of Ecuador, and from there the vision and God's hand began to move and grow in ways that no one could plan.  


Douglas and Becky have now been to Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica,Honduras, Mexico, India, Uganda, Togo, Paraguay, South Sudan, Thailand,  Haiti, and in the United States.

They have brought agricultural knowledge and have worked with some of the most incredible people. They have seen what people can do when you take the time to listen and work beside them.